Living willow

Last week I worked at Oakwood theme park with Michelle Cain Planting and shaping a living willow sculpture to commemorate an anniversary of the wooden roller coaster Megaphobia. 

I’ve never done any living willow work before so that’s another skill and also an experience because of the scale of the work.  




So I work with stick, it’s my job and an interest.
At the moment I’m working for an artist who works with willow, you can see more of her stuff here, Michelle Cain.
I’m also interested in my own sticks and what I can make from them, those ideas should unfold around here as well as some stuff I’m learning on the job. 

The Van

After the untimely loss of my Ldv pilot, Charlie; it was time to start again with something a little more durable. So I invested in a 1999 Ford Transit. Apparently those banana engines go on forever. Most other things can be replaced.. Hopefully I won’t need to. So I acquired Dougie early 2016. An empty van with some ply on the floor. And he’s been gutted, to find a chunk of floor needing welding, cleaned up, insulated, boarded and now has a modest house in the back. Everything is fold away as I still need a work van which involves filling the back with muddy sticks half the time. Or bikes and boards in my spare time.